Equity Spotlight: November 2022: 2nd grade Community PBL

In 2nd grade, we spend the year building our idea of community. We start at the very beginning of the making of the San Fernando Valley by studying all about rivers, how they are made, where they flow and the plants and animals that grow around this special riparian ecosystem paying special attention to the Los Angeles River.

Equity Spotlight 3/22: Valley Charter Middle School 6th grade Writing Workshop

One of the main goals in English Language Arts this year is to expose students to a wide variety of human perspectives and experiences. Another goals that we are developing through our writing workshop curriculum is to help our students develop their writing skills to be able to….

Equity Spotlight 12/21: 5th grade Social Studies: Indigenous people of Northern Europe

In the 5th grade, we are committed to providing our students with a social studies curriculum that gives voice to diverse perspectives and stories. Thus, our work as educators and historians has been to reflect and revise all history content. In doing so, we provide our fifth graders with resources and lessons that recognize people and experiences that have sometimes been overlooked.

Equity Spotlight 11/21: Valley Charter Middle School math grading policy

What is it? A shift from a traditional grading policy to a mastery grading policy is an initiative we implemented to help cultivate the Valley Charter School values of joy, curiosity and engagement in our classrooms and to design a policy that intensely supports developing lifelong learners and equity of outcomes for all of our learners.

Exploring VCS Design Element 5: We are committed to building intentionally diverse schools.

Exploring VCS Design Element 5: We are committed to building intentionally diverse schools. What does this mean for how VCS honors Black history month? Valley Charter Schools aims to honor and celebrate Black history, not just in February of every year, but in an on-going way….