Equity Spotlight: November 2022: 2nd grade Community PBL

In 2nd grade, we spend the year building our idea of community. We start at the very beginning of the making of the San Fernando Valley by studying all about rivers, how they are made, where they flow and the plants and animals that grow around this special riparian ecosystem paying special attention to the Los Angeles River.

Executive Director update: 11/22

Dear Valley Charter Community: we hope that everyone had a wonderful fall break and enjoyed special times with friends and loved ones. The VCS team is grateful to be able to rest and restore as we head into a very busy time of learning and fun in the weeks before winter break.

3/22: Executive Director update / Actualization de la Directora Ejecutiva

Dear Valley Charter School Community members, it is hard to believe it is March already! With Presidents’ Day behind us and spring break fast approaching, we want to share some reminders, updates, and highlight some of the exciting work of our teachers and students.

Equity Spotlight 3/22: Valley Charter Middle School 6th grade Writing Workshop

One of the main goals in English Language Arts this year is to expose students to a wide variety of human perspectives and experiences. Another goals that we are developing through our writing workshop curriculum is to help our students develop their writing skills to be able to….